Computer Center (CC) supports the institute with different licensed software to avoid the usage of pirated or unlicensed version of the software. As part of the policy, the institute provides basic software to faculty and staff such as Windows OS, PDF Editor, Microsoft Apps and Kaspersky Antivirus, and Microsoft Apps for Students. In addition, CC provides the software licenses listed here.

PLECS Software : View Details

PLECS is a software tool for system-level simulations of electrical circuits developed by Plexim. It is especially designed for power electronics but can be used for any electrical network. PLECS includes the possibility to model controls and different physical domains besides the electrical system.
For more details about this license, please contact Electrical Engineering Department or raise a ticket in ERP Ticketing System


Windows 10 Education : View Details

The institute supports all institute PCs used by faculty, staff and laboratories with Windows 10 Education and Windows 10 Education N licenses. Windows 10 Education includes features from Windows 10 Enterprise that are ideal for advanced security, and the comprehensive device control and management needs of today’s educational institution. Windows 10 Education also enables simplified deployment in the education space; this edition provides a direct path for many devices to upgrade from Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro. Windows 10 Education N includes the same functionality as Windows 10 Education, except that it does not include certain media related technologies (Windows Media Player, Camera, Music, TV & Movies) and does not include the Skype app. It is a subscription-based license. CC planned to subscribe to Windows 10 Education license till 31 March 2023. For installation details, Please raise a ticket in ERP Ticketing System under the Help Topic Software and Support Category as Software Installation.

Microsoft 365 Apps : View Details

To support the academic use by faculty, staff and students, regular full-time and part-time faculty are entitled to Microsoft 365 Apps for faculty, under which they can install and use the latest versions of Microsoft Office software under Microsoft 365 Apps for Faculty via the Institute’s Enrollment for Education Solutions with Microsoft. Regular full-time and part-time staff and students have entitled to Microsoft 365 Apps for Students, under which they can install and use the latest versions of Microsoft Office software under Microsoft 365 Apps for Students via the Institute’s Enrollment for Education Solutions with Microsoft. This allows eligible faculty, staff and students free installation of MS Office software on up to a maximum of five PCs or Macs owned and used by the faculty, staff and students for academic work during their work or studies at the Institute. Faculty, Staff and Students can also run Office Mobile for Android or Office Mobile for iPhone on up to 5 mobile devices. Currently, CC planned to subscribe to Microsoft 365 Apps till March 2023. For installation details, please refer to this presentation

User Account

  • Students/Staff/Outsourcing Employee/Project Staff – Using institute email id, create an account in
  • If you get the error of “You can’t sign up here with a work or school email address. Use the personal email address, such as Gmail or Yahoo! Or get a new Outlook email address.” Please request reset password in ERP Ticketing System
  • If you get any installation error refer to the installation document. For any other errors, Please raise a ticket in ERP Ticketing System under the Help Topic Software and Support Category as Software Installation.
Features of the Microsoft 365 Apps for Faculty : View Details

Microsoft Word


Microsoft CRM


Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft PowerPoint


Microsoft Yammer


Microsoft Staff Notebook

Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Delve


Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Forms


Microsoft Sway

Microsoft OneNote


Microsoft Kaizala


Microsoft Video

Microsoft Publisher (PC Only)


Microsoft One Drive (1 TB)


Skype for Business

Microsoft Access (PC Only)


Microsoft Whiteboard


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Project


Microsoft Planner


Power Apps

Features of the Microsoft 365 Apps for Students : View Details

Microsoft Word


Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft OneNote


Microsoft Publisher (PC Only)

Microsoft Access (PC Only)


Skype for Business

MATLAB : View Details

IIT Tirupati has subscribed to the Mathworks Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license for MATLAB, Simulink and other add-on products. The TAH license allows the installation of all these products on the Institute PCs or Personal PCs for teaching, research and learning. The license is valid until December 31 2025.

1. The full suite includes MATLAB, Simulink, and 100 toolboxes.

View All Features


Powertrain Blockset

5G Toolbox

Predictive Maintenance Toolbox

AUTOSAR Blockset

RF Blockset

Aerospace Blockset

RF Toolbox

Aerospace Toolbox

ROS Toolbox

Antenna Toolbox

Reinforcement Learning Toolbox

Audio Toolbox

Risk Management Toolbox

Automated Driving Toolbox

Robotics System Toolbox

Bioinformatics Toolbox

Robust Control Toolbox

Communications Toolbox

Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox

Computer Vision Toolbox

SerDes Toolbox

Control System Toolbox

Signal Processing Toolbox

Curve Fitting Toolbox


DSP System Toolbox


Data Acquisition Toolbox

Simscape Driveline

Database Toolbox

Simscape Electrical

Datafeed Toolbox

Simscape Fluids

Deep Learning HDL Toolbox

Simscape Multibody

Deep Learning Toolbox


Econometrics Toolbox

Simulink 3D Animation

Embedded Coder

Simulink Check

Filter Design HDL Coder

Simulink Code Inspector

Financial Instruments Toolbox

Simulink Coder

Financial Toolbox

Simulink Compiler

Fixed-Point Designer

Simulink Control Design

Fuzzy Logic Toolbox

Simulink Coverage

GPU Coder

Simulink Design Optimization

Global Optimization Toolbox

Simulink Design Verifier

HDL Coder

Simulink Desktop Real-Time

HDL Verifier

Simulink PLC Coder

Image Acquisition Toolbox

Simulink Real-Time

Image Processing Toolbox

Simulink Report Generator

Instrument Control Toolbox

Simulink Requirements

LTE Toolbox

Simulink Test

Lidar Toolbox

SoC Blockset


Spreadsheet Link



MATLAB Compiler

Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox

MATLAB Report Generator

Symbolic Math Toolbox

Mapping Toolbox

System Composer

Mixed-Signal Blockset

System Identification Toolbox

Model Predictive Control Toolbox

Text Analytics Toolbox

Model-Based Calibration Toolbox

UAV Toolbox

Motor Control Blockset

Vehicle Dynamics Blockset

Navigation Toolbox

Vehicle Network Toolbox

OPC Toolbox

Vision HDL Toolbox

Optimization Toolbox

WLAN Toolbox

Parallel Computing Toolbox

Wavelet Toolbox

Partial Differential Equation Toolbox

Wireless HDL Toolbox

Phased Array System Toolbox


2. The license includes access to MATLAB Academy Online Training Suite. This includes the following online training courses for different levels.

View Courses


Get started quickly with the basics of MATLAB.

Simulink Onramp

Get started quickly with the basics of Simulink.

Machine Learning Onramp

Learn the basics of practical machine learning
methods for classification problems

Deep Learning Onramp

Get started quickly using deep learning
methods to perform image recognition.

Reinforcement Learning Onramp

Master the basics of creating intelligent
controllers that learn from experience.

Image Processing Onramp

Learn the basics of practical image 

processing techniques in MATLAB.

Signal Processing Onramp

An interactive introduction to signal
processing methods for spectral analysis.

Simscape Onramp

Learn the basics of simulating physical
systems in Simscape.

Stateflow Onramp

Learn the basics of creating, editing, and
simulating state machines in Stateflow.

Control Design Onramp with Simulink

Get started quickly with the basics of feedback
control design in Simulink.

MATLAB Fundamentals

Learn core MATLAB functionality for data analysis,
modeling, and programming.

MATLAB for Data Processing and Visualization

Create custom visualizations and automate your
data analysis tasks.

MATLAB Programming Techniques

Improve the robustness, flexibility, and efficiency
of your MATLAB code.

Image Processing with MATLAB

Learn practical image processing workflows in

Machine Learning with MATLAB

Explore data and build predictive models.

Deep Learning with MATLAB

Learn the theory and practice of building deep
neural networks with real-life image
and sequence data.

Introduction to Symbolic Math with MATLAB

Get started quickly with an introduction to
 symbolic math.

Solving Nonlinear Equations with MATLAB

Use root finding methods to solve nonlinear equations.

Solving Ordinary Differential Equations with MATLAB

Use MATLAB ODE solvers to numerically
solve ordinary differential equations.

Introduction to Linear Algebra with MATLAB

Use matrix methods to solve systems of
linear equations and perform eigenvalue decomposition.

Introduction to Statistical Methods with MATLAB

Get started quickly with basic descriptive
statistics and data fitting.

MATLAB with Financial Applications

Learn MATLAB for financial data analysis
and modeling. (This course until November 29, 2021

3. The license allows access to MATLAB from a web browser using MATLAB online

4. The campus-wide license options are for academic use
Individual License for Personal Computers
  • Go to IIT Tirupati MATLAB Portal
  • Click “Sign in to get started” in the Get MATLAB and Simulink section.
  • Sign in with your IIT Tirupati Email ID and password.
  • Create a MathWorks account using your IIT Tirupati email address.
  • Download the installer from the MathWorks website.
  • Run the installer.
  • In the installer, select Log in with a MathWorks Account and follow the online instructions.
  • When prompted to do so, select the Academic – Total Headcount license labelled Individual.
  • Select the products to download and install.
  • After downloading and installing your products, keep the Activate MATLAB checkbox selected and click Next.
  • When asked to provide a user name, verify that the displayed user name is correct. Continue with the process until the activation is complete.

KASPERSKY : View Details

IIT Tirupati has subscribed to the Kasperksy Endpoint Security Cloud Plus. This license allows the installation of Antivirus on the Institute PCs only. All faculty and staff who is using Windows PC must install this software. If any institute Windows PCs are without this antivirus or equivalent antivirus, prior written permission must be obtained from the competent authority. CC has procured two different counts of this license. 300 Licenses are valid until April 14 2024. Another 112 Licenses are valid until October 23, 2023.

The following features are included in the Kaspersky License:

File-, Web-, Mail Threat protection

EDR preview 2021

Ransomware and Exploit prevention


Network Attack Blocker

Vulnerability Scan

Mobile protection

Cloud Discovery

Cloud Blocking

Security for Microsoft Office 365

Web Control

Device Control

Encryption management

Patch management

In addition to Windows PCS, you can use it for Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud supports the following web browsers:
  • Microsoft Edge 13.0 and later
  • Chrome 65.0 and later
  • Firefox 45 and later
  • Safari 8.0 and later

Mathematica : View Details

Wolfram Mathematica is a software system with built-in libraries for several areas of technical computing including neural networks, machine learning, image processing, geometry, data science, visualizations that allow symbolic computation, manipulating matrices, plotting functions and various types of data, implementation of algorithms, creation of user interface.
IIT Tirupati has 50 perpetual licenses of Mathematica 12 for Windows, Linux and Mac. Please raise a ticket in ERP Ticketing System under the Help Topic Software and Support Category as Software Installation. for license details. The institute has procured the following packages

Symbolic Language

Mathematical Computation



Algebraic Manipulation

Number Theory

Data Analysis

Graph Computation

Interactive Computation

Image Computation

Geometric Computation

Importing and Exporting




Convex Optimization

Nonlinear finite elements

Core Visualization

Labeled Visualization

Complex Visualization

Geographic Visualization

Polygon and Polyhedra


Probability and Statistic

Graphs and Networks

Audio Computation

Machine Learning for Image

Machine Learning for Audio

Machine Learning Superfunctions

Image Computation for Microscopy

Neural Network Framework

Natural Language Processing


System Modeling

Molecular Structure


Microcontroller Depolyment

Relational Database Integration

RDF, SPARQL & Graph Databases

Code Compilation

External Lanaguages and Systems

Networking and System Operations

Foxit Phantom PDF : View Details

Foxit Phantom PDF is a PDF editor software for PDE document generation and management. The institute has procured the following packages

PDF Editor


Share and Collaborate


PDF Creator

Convert PDF

Scand and OCR

Protech and Sign

Interactive Computation

Image Computation

Origin Pro : View Details

Origin Pro is a data analysis and graphing software. It is used by scientist, engineers. Using this software you connect to MATLAB, LabView, Microsoft Excel, Python and R Console.
Origin Pro has the following features


Data Exploration

Simple Fit

Exploratory Analysis

Curve and Surface

Maps Online

Peak Analysis


ODE Solver

Signal Processing


Level Crossing

Data Processing


Polynomial Surface Fit

Exporting Presentation

Batch Processing

3D Confident 

Graph Publisher

Programming and Connectivity

Project and Data Management


Simple Fit

Gaussian Mixture Models

Send Graphs to Word

Maps Online

Package Manager for Python

Tafel Extrapolation

ODE Solver

Global Fit with Multiple Functions


Level Crossing

Independent Component Analysis

Compare Linear Fit

Polynomial Surface Fit

Distributed Batch Processing

Heat Map

3D Confident 

Design of Experiments

Onset of Slope

Volcano Plot

Send graphs to Powerpoint

Time Frequency Analysis

Monte Carlo Simulation

2D Smoother

Google Map Import

Sequential Fit

Global Peak Fit

Piecewise Fit

Graph Maker

Fitting Function Library

Stats Advisor

Peak Deconvolution

Overlap Area


Align Peaks

HTML Connector

Image Object Counter

Taylor Diagram

Neural Network Fitting

OPJ Packer

Batch Plotting

Peak Deconvolution

Optimizaztion Solver

Chromaticity Diagram

Neural Network Regression

PCA for Spectra

Factor Analysis

Operations Manager

Rank Models

Venn Diagram

3D Smoother

Color Editor

SVM Classification

Speedy Fit

Appraent Integration

Bayesina Ridge Regression

Cube Plot

IIT Tirupati has 500 perpetual licenses of Origin Pro software for research scholars and faculty members.

download the software by clicking the below link

Double-click on the 'setup' file to install and enter the following serial number and product key while installing

Serial Number: GF3S5-6089-7617803

Product Key: Raise a ticket under 'Software Vertical' for product key

Note: Please let us know once you have done your project, No due certificate will be issued only if you handover the same license key to cc by releasing it from your laptop/system while leaving this institute

If you need this software write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with proper justification.

Autocad : View Details

AutoCAD is a commercial computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software application.
Autocad 2016 (EDU) is free software for educational purposes. To get this license, you must upload your institute id card. Using the institute email id, you can install this software. Please visit the following link for getting educational access to Autodesk products.

Creo Software : View Details

Creo Software is another computer-aided design (CAD) software. IIT Tirupati purchased 50 perpetual floating licenses of Creo Software for research and training purposes. To get the license for this software, Please raise a ticket in ERP Ticketing System under the Help Topic Software and Support Category as Software Installation.. Apart from this, students can get free software of Creo, Onshape and Mathcad using the institute email id. Please visit the following website.

COMSOL Multiphysics : View Details

It is a cross-platform finite element analysis, solver and multiphysics simulation software. IIT Tirupati has 30 perpetual floating licenses of COMSOL Multiphysics 5.4 software. This includes the following features.



Chemicals Species Transport


Fluid Flow

Heat Transfer





Structural Mechanics

Multibody Dynamics



Solid Mechanics





Piezoelectric Devices


Classical PDEs

Curvilinear Coordinates

Deformed Mesh

IIT Tirupati has only a limited number of licenses. Therefore, the issue of this license will be done case by case. Please raise a ticket in ERP Ticketing System under the Help Topic Software and Support Category as Software Installation.

OrCAD Software : View Details

OrCAD Capture is a schematic design solution software for the creation and documentation of electrical circuits. It includes the following features

FPGA Co-design

Design Variants

PSpice Simulation

OrCAD Symbol Editor

Captur Constraint Manager

Signal Integrity

PCB Design

Component Information System

Schematic Editor

Intelligent PDF

Design Reuse

FPGA Design-In

IIT Tirupati has purchased
  • 20 OrCAD Schematic Capture and PSpice Concurrent licenses (floating)
  • 5 OrCAD PCB and Auto Routing Concurrent licenses (floating)
This license is owned by Electrical Engineering Department. Please write to the head of the department for its usage and eligibility and availability of this license.

VIVADO : View Details

Vivado Design suite software offers a new approach for ultra-high productivity with next-generation C/C++ and IP-based design. The features of this software include

Vivado HL Design Edition

Vivado HL System Edition

Vivado HL WebPACK™ Edition

Vivado Lab Edition

IIT Tirupati has procured 35 concurrent (floating) license. It is used by the Electrical Engineering Department. Please write to the head of the department for its usage and eligibility and availability of this license.

Simulia Abaqus : View Details

Simulia Abaqus FEA is software for finite element analysis and computer-aided engineering. The features of this software include

Element Library

Material Models

Solution Methods

Vivado Lab Edition

Vehicle Loads

Multibody systems


Nonlinear Elastic

Thermal Coupling

Acoustic-Structural Coupling

IIT Tirupati has procured 6 Concurrent (floating) license. It is used by the Civil Engineering Department. Currently, all licenses are used.

Ansys : View Details

Ansys Mechanical finite element analysis software is used to simulate computer models of structures, electronics or machine components for analyzing the strength, toughness, elasticity, temperature distribution, electromagnetism, fluid flow, and other attributes. The features of this software include

Mechanical Teaching

CFD Teaching



Linear Dynamics


Thermal Analysis




Fluid-Structure Interaction

High Performance Computing

Hybrid FEM/IE/SBR+Solver

Frequency and Time Domain

Integral Equation

Memory Matrix Solvers

3D Layout ECAD Flow

5G Post-Processing

Antenna Design Toolkit

Multiplication Solver

Turbulence Modeling

Single and Multiphase Flows

Reduced Order Models

Shape Optimization



Conjugate Heat Transfer

Overset Mesh

IIT Tirupati has
  • 50 Mechanical Teaching Licenses (floating, perpetual)
  • 50 CFD Teaching Licenses (floating, perpetual)
  • 5 Structural/CFD Research Licenses (floating, perpetual)
  • 15 Structural Research Licenses (floating, perpetual)
  • 15 CFD Research Licenses (floating, perpetual)
  • 15 HFSS Research Licenses (floating, perpetual)
  • 15 HFSS Teaching Licenses (floating, perpetual)
IIT Tirupati has only a limited number of licenses. It is used by Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering Departments mostly. Therefore, the issue of this license will be done case by case. Please raise a ticket in ERP Ticketing System under the Help Topic Software and Support Category as Software Installation.

Bentley : View Details

Bentley software is software for infrastructure professionals. This software is used by the Civil Engineering department. The institute has procured 500 subscription-based licenses. The license expires by August 31, 2022.

ChemDraw : View Details

ChemDraw is a molecular editor for Chemical Drawing and Research Publications. Institute has purchased 4 perpetual licenses. This software is used by the Chemical Engineering department.

GeoStudio 2018 : View Details

GeoStudio software is used for the analysis of problems with geometric complexity for solving slope stability and related geotechnical problems. The following features are part of this software









IIT Tirupati has 10 licenses of GeoStudio 2018. It is used by the Civil Engineering Departments. Therefore, the issue of this license will be done case by case. Please raise a ticket in ERP Ticketing System under the Help Topic Software and Support Category as Software Installation. for license details.

CSI : View Details

CSI software is used for structural engineering analysis and it is design software for structural and earthquake engineering. The institute has procured the following packages


Structural Analysis and Design


Building Analysis and Design


Analysis and Design of Floor Systems

Perform 3D

Performance-Based Design of 3D Structures

IIT Tirupati has
  • 5 SAP Licenses (Perpetual)
  • 5 SAFE Licenses (Perpetual)
  • 10 ETABS Licenses (Perpetual)
  • 1 Perform-3D License (Perpetual)

Cadence : View Details

Cadence software is used for electrical engineering purposes for electric design automation. Cadence EDA Tool flow support features include

Full Custom IC Design Flow

Schematic Entry



Physical Verification

Parasitic Extraction

Back Annotation

GDS Signoff

Semisustom IC Design Flow


Digital Synthesis


Timing Analysis

Integrated Schematic and Layout Generation

System Verilog

DFT Design Flow

Power Analysis

Analgo and Digital FE and BE

System Development Suite

Circuit Simulation

Schematic Interface

Jasper Formal Tech

Device Modelling

Design for Manufacturing


Digital Implementation

Silicon Package Board 

PCB Design and Layout

Signal Integrity Analysis

IC Packaging

As part of the Electrical Engineering Laboratory, 20 Node-locked perpetual licenses are procured. It is maintained and administered by the Electrical Engineering Department.

AspenONE for Universities : View Details

AspenONE is an integrated suite of products that enables professors to teach students how to optimize engineering. AspenONE for universities includes the following features

Aspen Adsorption

Aspen Chromatography

Aspen Basic Engineering

Aspen Batch Process Developer

Aspen Capital Cost Estimator

Aspen Custom Modeler

Aspen DMC3

Aspen Energy Analyzer

Aspen Utilities

Aspen Fidelis Reliability

Aspen Flare System Analyzer


Aspen HYSYS Dynamics

Aspen HYSYS Upstream

Aspen Operator Training

Aspen PIMS


Aspen Plus

Aspen Plus Dynamics

Aspen Polymers

Aspen ProMV

Aspen Simulation Workbook

As part of the Chemical Engineering Laboratory, 150 subscription-based licenses are bought for the institute. For more details about this license, please contact the Chemical Engineering Department.

Microsoft Project Professional 2019 : View Details

Microsoft Project professional is a project management software product. It is designed to assist a project manager in developing a schedule, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget and analysing workloads. Microsoft Professional includes the following features

Best-in-Class Templates

Real-Time Collaboration

Resource Engagements

Sync with Project Oline and Project Server

Timesheet Submission

Time Analysis of for Project and non-project

Task Assignments

Auto-Populate Start and End Dates

Visual Represent of Complex Schedules

Pre-built Templates

IIT Tirupati bought 8 node-locked perpetual licenses for the Planning and Infrastructure section.

Converge : View Details

Converge is a CFD Software used by the Mechanical engineering department. The features of this software include

Autonomous Meshing

Complex Moving Geometries

Fully Coupled Chemistry

Advanced Physical Models

Conjugate Heat Transfer

Fluid-Structure Interaction

Volume of Fluid

Third-Party Interaction

High-Performance Computing

Internal Combustion

Gas Turbines

Fuel Injects and Sprays

Exhaust Aftertreatment


Compressors, Fans and Blower



Oil and Gas

General Flow

Converge Academic Program

License details will be updated shortly

Rocscience : View Details

Rocscience was built upon the need for analysis, design, and visualization tools in the mining and civil engineering industries.
To download the software Click Here
To activate the server license please raise a ticket in ERP Ticketing System under the Help Topic Software and Support Category as Software Installation. for license details.

TCAD : View Details

TCAD is a Technology Computer-Aided Design software used for the simulations to develop and optimize semiconductor process technologies and devices. License and features will be updated shortly.